Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Trip to the Farmstand- What to do with Indian Corn

Corn Vase

The corn vase is absolutely my favorite!  I created this for Connecticut Homes and Gardens magazine Harvest Ideas. Just what can you do with Indian corn besides hang it on a door??

TRY THIS, It will look fantastic in your entryway or on any table.
How to: Wrap the can with rubber bands.  Then remove the husks from corn and simply slide the corn cobs in standing them upright. Cover the rubber bands with twine!!!  How easy was that?   Now fill with fall flowers like dahlias, mums, berries and asters!

Photography property of Micahel Partenio, Design by Karin Lidbeck

Fall Harvest ideas for the home

Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins make the best vases, but picking the pumpkin for its unusual color makes it even more attention grabbing. I created this centerpiece as part of a entertaining story for Ct Homes and Gardens magazine
How to: Cut the top of the pumpkin off.  Fill it with end of the season Fall hydrangeas, twisted grapevine makes a great basket handle pushed into sides, chrysanthemums or even try Montauk daisies.  Photo by Michael Partenio