Thursday, November 14, 2013

Notes from the Field:  Harvesting the pumpkin

As a contributor to New England Homes Homes Magazine I write for the NEH Blog a few times a month.  Since my  theme this month has been all about pumpkins I thought I'd share this post that I wrote last week for

Now that Halloween is over, you may find yourself with a few un-carved pumpkins. There’s no need to discard them. The fall season is far from over and the Thanksgiving Holiday is the perfect time for using pumpkins for something more than just a pretty Jack-O-lantern.
Floral arranging is one of my greatest passions and I use pumpkins as my go-to vessel to create center stage arrangements during fall.

A typical Jack O Lantern pumpkin can be carved into the shape of a basket,   Scoop out the center.  Place wet floral foam   inside to hold flowers and a candle
A large, flat shaped pumpkin like this Cinderella pumpkin makes a great container to create a small garden scape.  I planted the miniature tropicals sold for terrariums in dirt that I placed in the inside . Then I topped it off with moss dug up from my yard.  Add garden decorative s to create a little fairy, Enjoy for a few week!


As your fall garden fades, bringing some color to your landscape is easy by using the birdbath as a vessel. I mixed gourds, green pumpkins, cabbage, bittersweet and grapevine together to create this autumnal arrangement. Why not bring it to your front entryway as a great welcoming display!

Photos by Andre Baranowski

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