Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flowers for MOM

Grab this Idea for your Mothers Day Table
Outdoor Rooms Magazine asked me to create 6 Ways to Set the Scene and create pretty looks for tables for their Summer issue. Photo by Andre Baronowski

Straight from the garden (or try a super market bouguet). March flowers down the center of the table using a funky assortment of mismatched glassware. Display single stems or mulitples in each glass. Toss some fruit casually on the tablecloth for picking. Add to the festive array of color using different patterned placemats to play off the hues of the blooms.
May garden - think lilacs, azaleas, tulips, nepeta, pansies, lupine, chives, iris or mix it with a 6.99 store bought bouquet

White table cloth, white fabric by the yard, or fold a white sheet.

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  1. Simple and sweet floral ideas! Just saw & repinned your lilacs, then saw this. When we're all so busy, it's easier to mix rather than match :-)!