Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids Easter table - Cake and Chocolate Daffodils

Make this!

This daffodil candy treat for the kids favor is easy to make, but, planning ahead will make it that much easier.

I created this craft for a magazine feature for the Children's Easter table

Buy the ingredients for the flower candy treats ahead of time . Make flowers one at a time as you can. Bake cupcakes in flower pots a few days ahead

Here’s the quick version "how to".
You'll need for one:
Yellow and green tissue Tissue paper
1” chocolate eggs (foil wrapped)
2" clean garden pots ( craft store)
lollipop sticks ( craft store)
chocolate cake mix and Pam cooking spray for pots

Make chocolate cake in tiny pots.

Push a lollipop stem into bottom of a chocolate egg to hold. ( make hole with toothpick first)

Create a flower by wrapping egg with one wide strip of yellow tissue to cover and twisting the bottom to close.

Cut a round 5 petal flower base with a tiny hole in center and push up lollipop stem. Glue stick will hold it in place. Add leaves with glue stick

Push lollipop stick into each cupcake. Add jelly beans, chicks!

Photography by Michael Partenio Styled and designed by Karin Lidbeck

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