Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Table DIY Candy Cane Style

If you are looking for a red and white theme for your holiday table, these ideas might grab your fancy.

When designing DIY projects, quick and easy along with the pretty, clever and fun is always in front of my mind.

One idea - make place card pipe cleaners that take no time to create!

Twist 1 red and 1 white pipe cleaner together, form into a letter for each place setting.

A fun party favor, and hostess gift, is the Christmas Cheer with candy canes and candies in glass.

Purchase assorted glasses from the salvage shop, and fill with a mixture of yummy peppermint candies.

A large Hammond candy cane with a large bow always is a nice touch on the back of your dining room chairs.


  1. Lovely. I like it.
    Christine GUILLON from France

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