Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Styling With Hydrangeas

Yes, hydrangeas are a year-round flower, but none of the green house grown varieties compare to the summer hydrangeas that are blooming abundantly in summer gardens now.  For stylists or anyone who love to bring flowers inside they are a quick fix for obtaining the "WOW" factor fast.

You simply cannot fail! Whether you use one, or one dozen blooms, they look amazing in any container.

This single bloom placed inside a small glass pot is surrounded with small shards of birch bark fastened with some household twine.

When I designed a hydrangea feature for Country Gardens magazine, I wanted to create a woodland style arrangement using a mix of hydrangeas and summer perennials. To achieve this rustic look,
 I designed this DIY vase from grapevine wreaths. This makes a large, rather impressive bouquet.

To Make this: Stack five, 16” grapevine wreaths on top of one another. Secure them together by pushing wood shish kabob spears through the sides of all 6 wreaths.  Place a tall glass vase inside and add flowers.

This vintage sieve holds blushing bride hydrangeas and pears, and was my solution for a summer party centerpiece.  Place a glass hurricane in the center of the sieve, and fill the container to just below the top with wet oasis.  Add hydrangea, pears and the candle.

All photos by Matthew Benson and designs by Karin Lidbeck. 

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