Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kids Crafts- Make a Marshmallow Bunny

When my kids were young I designed many holiday craft projects for Parents magazine.  As a Mom, I  loved designing children's projects, since it involved my children. They were always willing guinea pigs!

Favorite projects were often ones that involved food, like this marshmallow bunny. If your children are old enough to pierce candies with toothpicks, this is a fun project to make with them.
Marshmellow Bunny 
Large Marshmallows
Small pastel colored marshmallows
Smallest size cupcake  or muffin paper

Fruit by the foot, unroll and cut with small scissors to make buttons and boys bow tie
Small cookie and cake decorations can be used as decorations too!


Use small tubes of white cake icing  to adhere candy dots like glue!

Assemble body parts with toothpicks (the toothpicks push through the paper, too!)

Have bowls on hand with a variety of other candies like gumdrops and jelly beans. Kids are great at coming up with all kinds of ingenious creations.

Enjoy the fun!

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