Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Made with Love Valentine Vase

It's time to create something special for someone special! 
At the super market his past weekend I saw glorious miniature roses with Valentines Day written all over them.
This pint size vase is perfect for mini roses and easy to make from a deck of cards. A fun idea I designed and wanted to share for the special queen or king of hearts in your life!
To make this King of hearts vase you'll need:
7 cards of your choice
Clear tape
Hole punch
20" of 1/8 ribbon, twine or string
1 glass jigger to sit inside to hold water (hey, a jigger makes a nice gift too!)
Miniature rose plant from supermarket, cut rose stems to arrange in vase.
Fold card evenly accordion style as shown. First in half, them fold sides inward in half again. Make sure folds are as shown. Repeat with seven cards.  
* Crease folds well back and forth so they are sharp. You can also use an xacto knife to score.  It will work either way, but the xacto knife gives you a really sharp fold.
Use a hole punch to make one hole in the bottom center of each fold. 4 holes per card.
On back side of cards, starting right above the hole punch, tape all seven cards together attaching  edges.  Cut away the excess tape on the top edge.  When turned over it should look like the picture above right.
Now run the ribbon twine or string through the holes.
Tape the two end cards together on outside so you  have a finished circle!

Place the jigger inside and pull the ribbon to close bottom, knot and cut.
Voila! fill with flowers, candies or some little gift!


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