Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Party Time! Make a tablescape using garden pots to serve up a summer buffet that will be truly memorable.

Use your garden pots, trays and containers for serving up summer foods. Use new or old pots, but first clean dirty pots well with soap and water and lay out to dry. Use fabric liners, wax paper or aluminum foil if desired under foods. I like the look of burlap because it enhances the earthy garden theme. Pots from

Combine small flower pots of various sizes with ceramic plates to create a tiered serving dish

These small pots from Ben Wolff pottery are perfect for small treats. Fill with a fabric or burlap liner and add chocolates. Add a name tag and you have great party favors for the guests.

Add damp moss to ceramic plates and add small flower heads from the garden for added decoration.

A medium- sized planter is perfect to hold ears of corn. The plate beneath is there for decoration.

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