Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School organizer

When Fox Ct 61 asked me to create a back to school wall organizer I thought, well that's perfect since my daughter is leaving to be a Freshman at College this year.

Searching around, I found the extra large very affordable Corkboards at Job Lot. So that is how the project started.

Two or three pairs of jeans and a corkbaord are the basics here. This is a good way to recycle those old worn jeans that no longer fit your child. You will cut them to pieces using the double sewn leg and hem seams for the ribbon, the pockets for storage, and the waistbands for the vertical bands. The loops will hold many things.

You will also need also need: tacks, a glue gun, scissors or pinking sheers. Optional: extra fabric behind criss cross organizer.

1 comment:

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