Monday, April 23, 2012

Porch Makeover- Adding a Punch of Color , ZING!!

This porch setting was screaming for styling help for a photo shot for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

The Before

To make a perfect picture, I had to scramble for chairs that would add some interest and punch.  Adding color was key. I found these red vintage chairs at B&G galleries, a mid-century modern gallery in Hingham, Massachusetts.

photo by John Bessler

Bringing in a huge urn with grasses broke up the space to create interest and definition. Notice the careful placement and repetition of select color. Tiny vases of yellow flowers make a statement without getting in the way of food serving.

Add people, and Voila! You have a great lifestyle moment!

Photo by John Bessler
Styling by Karin Lidbeck-Brent
Better Homes and Gardens June 2011.

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