Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Styling Pressure- A One Day Room Makeover

Photo by Michael Partenio 
This one day room makeover was one challenge that required a lot more than adding flowers.

A photo stylist has many challenges on a photo shoot: 

Like a set designer, I redirect the color palette,  rearrange displays, change/add furniture, add/take away accessories,  create floral arrangements, create a mood, or create a lifestyle story.  All of these things happen on set, usually with an incredible pressure to recreate a room with lightening speed, 8-10 shots a day is the minimum.

I styled this beautiful seaside home for Renovation Style magazine. This one important room with beautiful architecture had never been resolved.
The Before

On a shoe string budget and a tight schedule I had to completely redesign the room the day before the shoot turning a dining space with a vintage couch into a living room.

You can see the results of many quick trips to various home design stores and an enthusiastic Ethan Allen store that was willing to lend us the couches and chairs.

The homeowner kept it all.

And then, by the way, the picture made the cover of the magazine! 

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  1. What a great transformation.

    Just discovered your blog recently. First time commenting. What an exciting life you have.