Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Style a Festive Easter Table - KIds Only!

Easter candy, Easter eggs, bunnies and baskets: This holiday is one for kids. The Easter table is a special place you can have fun.

Below are some simple ideas I created for the kid's table that you can easily recreate to make a Happy and Festive Meal!

Use double stick tape to attach crepe-paper-daisy-petals to a dyed egg.  Cut a long strip of petals from a white crepe paper party roll then wrap around the egg.  Place the egg in a jellybean filled terra cotta pot that you can find in your local crafts store. Paint the pot a pastel color. 

There are so many fun cupcake liners available. Place them in an egg cup with an added pipe cleaner handle glued to the sides.  Fill with jelly beans.

This project takes time but you will get lots of praise for the hard work. The small terra cotta pots are filled with a baked brownie cake with a crumb topping. Yes, you can bake the pot right in the oven.  Remember to use Pam!

The stem is a wood shish-kabob spear (painted green) that is pushed into the bottom of the chocolate  egg.

I made the daffodil by wrapping the foiled chocolate easter egg with yellow crepe paper.  Wrap egg to make daffodil cup sqeezing paper at bottom around stem.   With small scissors cut a strip of 5 petals first and then wrap it around the stem at bottom of cup and tape it to hold in place.
Tape green crepe paper leaves to short wood sticks and push into cake.

Have a Happy Easter Celebration!

All projects designed for Good Housekeeping Magazine. All photos by Michale Partenio.


  1. I agree with you! Such small things are cute enough to give any table a wonderful look. My planner did it similarly and those small details gave our tables a wonderful look for my party. We booked one of best venues in Los Angeles and those matched the interiors perfectly.

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