Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thumbnail Flower Arrangments for Spring

Last spring James Bagget, Editor of Meredith's Country Gardens magazine, called me to design a spring floral project, "Thumbnail Arrangements." I could not wait to get right on it!
Spring arrives with the smallest of delights popping out of the ground from March thru May.

With a few snips from the garden, I created these tiny joyful arrangements using equally tiny containers for the current 2012 Spring Country Gardens Magazine.

Find fun containers. I am always combing thru boxes of old hardware at the flea market.  I was drawn to the porcelain and glass doorknobs, but it took me awhile to figure out a creative way to use them.

When the door knob sits upright on its head, the doorknob fixture becomes an upright funnel which will hold a small amount of water.  Some doorknobs have a hole for the screw in this part so make sure the screw is intact, or the water will flow out. 

The thick stem of the flower cut from the branch just fits in the hole. Refill with water daily.

Spring brings waves of the smallest flowers pushing up thru the ground cover revealing  dainty flower heads with stems as thin as a thread.  Scilla which comes in so many shades of blue is given the royal treatment as the star attraction in this salt shaker. 

All photos by Andre Baronowski 
Projects designed by Karin Lidbeck

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  1. I love the dooorknob! These are so sweet and easy. Thanks for sharing, Karin!