Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Tailgate Party | Better Homes and Gardens Oct Issue

"There is so much to love about Fall:  Pumpkins, chrysanthemums, the leaves changing color, AND football!

Last October,  Better Homes and Gardens editor Amy Panos asked me to create a fall entertaining feature for their 2012 October issue magazine issue.

I grew up in a house where fall football parties and tailgating were a big part of the fall season. These memories inspired me to come up with this twist on the tailgate party idea: "How to Have A Tailgate Party Inside" 

Amy Panos and the editorial team approved my idea, and last November I put my design ideas into action.  Working closely with Amy together  we embraced what BHG always offers its readers:  Taking creative ideas and turning these ideas into fun things anyone can do that are easy, affordable and fresh.

Tailgate party with blankets

Plaid Blankets and tailgating go hand in hand.  We got the look using a blanket as a table cover.
One of my favorite blanket stores is Sorcha in Hingham, Massachusetts! Just love her amazing bright colored throws and scarfs. Perfect for this feature! 

The scarf was perfect for hanging the chrysanthemum party wreath!  Easy to make, too! Just use a mix  of big spider mums and football mums.  Cut the stems to 1" length, and push into a styrofam base. Easy as pie! (Added bonus, the mums will last without water for days!)

Perfect for any Fall party: 

Sugar cookies cut with fall leaf cookie cutters make the best leaf cookies!!! 
Use colored sprinkles from the food craft section of any grocery or cook shop. 

The football field table cover brings the game inside!  You can pull it all together easily with Craft paper, white electrical tape from the hardware store and craft store adhesive numbers .

Whoopie Pies in Footballs

These mini football whoopie pies are made using boxed pumpkin bread mix in egg shaped muffin pans and cool whip for the icing.  
Check out the current October Better Homes and Gardens magazine for the whole story and  get more inspirations for your own football gathering.

 Styling by Karin Lidbeck, Photos by Dana Gallagher

More blankets from Sorcha. check out their website you'll love her products


  1. I love the scarf wreath hanger! Great idea, thanks for sharing!


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  2. This is all so amazing! I love the wreath.. Karin, you are so talented...I'm glad you blog.

  3. The football field table is SUCH a great idea!Love it!

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