Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Styling a Winter White Floral Arrangement for Good Housekeeping

Have The Winter Blues? Get Flowers!

A few years ago Good Housekeeping Magazine asked me to design 5 cheery floral arrangements for their winter issue.  Flowers invoke warmth and happiness which we all could use a large dose of during the chilly and grey month of January. 

    January 2010 “Winter arrangments” by Karin Lidbeck,  Photo by Michael Partenio

Grab a can of white and soft blue multipurpose spray paint: An effect of winter grey is created with a light dusting of white sprayed over lotus pods, dried eucyluptus and bare branches.  My favorite design was inspired by winter colors of frosty grey blues and snowy whites.  I combined white tulips and hyacinths, eucyluptus branches, lotus pods and bare branches and then provided a few tricks by using Krylon spray paints.

Frost the vase: Cover a plain and inexpensive clear glass vase with newspaper leaving a hole for the opening. I used a can of mulitpurpose mountain-view Krylon spray paint.

Hold the nozzle about 8" above the vase.  While pointing the spray-nozzel inside of the vase, spray for two quick seconds to dust the entire internal sides of the glass. Let dry and dust again two more times.  If the paint coat is too heavy, it will run. If this happens don't dispair because this too will have a pretty effect. The end result should yield a translucent 'frosting' of paint.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I didn't realize you could spray glass like this. And i love what you did with the dark brown lotus pods. Beautiful white arrangement!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

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