Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Log Centerpiece

Have The Winter Blues? Get Flowers! Part 2

A dding to last weeks post I decided I had to share another floral project that I created for the Good Housekeeping magazine feature.

With spring approaching crocuses, tulips and grape hyacinths making their debut not only in the garden but even sooner in small pots in supermarkets and garden centers.

Birch log centerpiece
So here's an idea for creating a small garden centerpiece using these tiny gems of spring.

PERECT FOR A PARTY!   This is the kind of project that needs some planning ahead, but it's not complicated. If your having a party, it would be worth scheduling some time to make this as your centerpiece. 
This is important! You need to be handy and very careful with a drill to make the holes on top for this project.  If you're not, Even easier, take the log to your local lumber yard or a carpenter and pay a pro to drill the holes for you!  It will take them no time at all.

How to make this centerpiece! 

A birch log, a size that will fit comfortably on a table. 
A drill aand a 1/2 inch drill bit 
1 block of wet floral foam
Pots of Hyacinths, crocus and tulips to cut flower heads, (available in supermarkets 
in February).  The key to this arrangment is picking these flowers that have thin stems that will fit in the drilled holes.

Prepare log 
Lay log where it naturally will sit with out rolling. 

Holding log firmly, drill 1/2" wide holes, 1" deep.  I drilled the holes 
( well my husband did!)  in an alternating pattern to give the design some depth.
How to make a centerpiece
A few hours before the party, soak the floral foam in water, then fill each hole with a small plug of wet floral foam you cut with a small sharp knife. Cut your flowers with short stems ( 2-3") and push the ends into the plugs of foam.

Add  small amount of water each morning to holes to keep flowers refreshed. Voila, a centerpiece everyone will be charmed by! 


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