Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun uses for vintage shutters

Vintage Shutters- 
An Architectural Table Runner

I'm always searching for fresh ideas and new ways to reuse old things. That's what I do! Last Spring, while driving past one my favorite antique and salvage shops, I saw a pile of old wood shutters outside and thought of a neat and fun project: 
Vintage Shutter Table Runners.

The dimensions and architecture of wooden shutters could be used to create a table centerpiece in addition to my Spring Branches assignment for Country Gardens magazine.

Vintage watering cans, a wood wooden shutter and spring branches; now that's a combination for a pretty Spring table centerpiece for entertaining dinner guests.

My friend, photogprapher Michael Partenio helps my projects shine.

"Inviting friends and family to gather around a pretty table is one a most welcoming pleasure. Going the extra mile will make your guests feel special."

Create the look:
1- Use an old, narrow wooden shutter. Make sure the width of your shutter works with the width of your dining table and will leave room for plates along its sides.

2- Place the shutter on a runner or directly onto the table. Place small watering cans on top.

3- Fill the cans with water and add a few Spring branches. Keep the flowers simple and sparse so guests can talk through and over the centerpiece.

Last spring, I provided 7 projects for Country Gardens magazine focusing on watering cans and Spring blossoms.  Look for more fabulous garden and floral ideas in the Spring 2013 Country Gardens Issue!


  1. Karin, everything you do turns out so special!

  2. Karin, I love the shutter idea. I have some old shutters in our attic and I'm going to use your table design in our B&B.

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  4. What a wonderful home! I would love to use vintage shutters for designing too. I haven't thought that there are many creative things to do with them. I plan to buy custom home shutters, do you have any tips?

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