Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Style

Setting The Spring Table

I came up with this vase idea many years ago when I came across a collection of old bulb planters at the flea market.   It's been a favorite style idea that I have used many times.  Last Spring, I created the spring table setting pictured below for Good Housekeeping magazine as part of a Easter Celevration feature.

Celebrate springs arrival with a line up of small bouquets down the center of the dining table.

Here's what you'll need to make it:
- Metal bulb planters (garden centers, hardware stores, flea markets).
- juice glasses (to fit inside bulb planters with water)
- 8” round terracotta trays
- Moss
- Decorative birds eggs

For each planter:
- 4 large hyacinth 
- 3 daffodils 
- 5 Grape or Muscari Hyacinths

1- Surround planter with moss that can be purchased from a floral-craft center. You can also use fresh moss which may be found in your yard.

2- Slip a small spade between the moss and the dirt and gently pull up in sections.

3- Mist moss regularly to keep moist.

The beautiful Italian Linen Table cloth  from 'Best Monogram':

Photo by Michael Partenio 


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