Thursday, June 12, 2014

A New Twist On Your Summer Bouquet

Vegetable Arrangements 

Spring is not only a time of rebirth and renewal; it is the best time of the year to try something completely new! Last spring while I was strolling through my favorite farmers market, I conceived an idea of creating arrangements with vegetables. Vegetable bouquets as décor! The incredible abundance of colorful produce, rich textures, and abnormal shapes sparked the idea that became an exiting project I created for Country Gardens magazine. Suddenly my habitual trips to the farmers market became a totally new visual and creative experience as I explored the idea of vegetables as flowers.

My goal was to create a look of rustic elegance using vessels of silver plate and sterling. The contrast between the organic earthy vegetables against the formal polished or tarnished silver is very sexy. The champagne bucket makes for an impressive base for a burst of Swiss chars, Asian eggplants, and collard and turnip leaves. Since eggplants tend to be heavy, just sticking them into your bucket or vase will not do the trick. In order to secure the eggplants or any heavy vegetable, first fill the container with wet floral oasis and add water. Then insert wooden shish kabob skewers at the base of the vegetable and push into the oasis for a bouquet that will stay in place.

  While the farmers market is a great source for natural produce, there are other outlets that can satisfy your wallet and your garden. Not only are vegetable gardens a great way to ensure your food is fresh, but it is also a great way to get your family involved and teach your kids about healthy food options. While roaming your vegetable garden, do not pass over the bug eaten leaves or the weeds and wildflowers that grow along the edge of your garden. They reveal all the cycles of life that will make your arrangement real, natural and beautiful. The arrangement above is built around a small head of cabbage that was still attached to its long stalk. I designed this bouquet with the wild, chaotic feeling that mimics the August garden it came from. 

Seeing bundles of radishes in big piles of vast shades made my jaw drop. The stunning degrees of pinks, purples, reds and white reminded me of a bouquet of roses which inspired this simple yet breathtaking idea. Using rubber bands, wrap together bundles of differently shaded radishes and their leaves. I used three or four bundles to fill the container above. Make sure to keep the stalks long so they are able to reach the water in the pitcher!

Instead of using silver to house your new vegetable arrangements, trying using large glass vases. Using a glass vase, like the one seen above, try inverting the vegetables, displaying both the vegetable and it’s stalk. Fill the vase with enough water to complete cover the carrot and a little of the stem. I also used tomatoes and dill to add extra height and a contrastive look. By submerging the carrots in water, they are able to absorb the water which keeps them alive for a substantial time. The beautiful shades of green contrasting with the bright orange of the carrots give this arrangement a completely organic, elegant, and simple appearance.

I would like to thank Nancy Stuckwich of Silver Magpies for allowing me to use her beautiful collection of vintage silver. To browse and buy vintage silver, check out her website


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