Sunday, December 23, 2012

2 Day Countdown- Create Your Very Own White Christmas

Let It Snow!

Who doesn't hope to wake up to a snowy White Christmas? For most of us it will be just a dream. However, you can create your very own White Christmas morning using ornamental snowflakes available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

                           Styled for Christmas Idea Magazine-2010; Photo by Michael Partenio

You can create a snow-filled holiday by taking an empty small, medium or large frame and add a variety of appropriately proportioned snowflakes to create this snowy-art-project.  You can choose from  plenty of snowflake ornaments available in local department stores, Christmas shops and garden centers.

1- Using white thread or fishing line, hang the snowflakes in the frame by stapling, taping or tacking the thread to the top of the frame on the back side.

2- The easiest way to add the flakes is to lay the frame face down on the floor and tie your lines to the top of each snowflake.

3- Lay the snowflake face down positioned inside the frame where you want it to appear view from the front. Pull the line up to the top and secure.

Now you have a White Christmas Snowflake frame to wake up to!