Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 Day Countdown: Ornamental Holiday Cranberry Rings Kids Can Make On Their Own!

Holiday Hustle And Bustle 

When busy with holiday chores, you can create projects to keep little hands busy as their excitement grows. 
It's a great idea!

Photo by Michael Partenio

The little cranberry ring ornament pictured above is simple for kids to make. When completed, they will enjoy helping to decorate the family tree with their very own creation! 

 1  In your favorite place to gather and create, provide a roll of green garden wire next to a large bowl of beautiful fresh seasonal cranberries.

 2  Pre-cut several 12" lengths of wire or have the kids cut their own.

 3  String cranberries onto the wire and then twist the wire together at the top. Place each ornament onto your tree as you make them!

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