Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Spring Wreath for Woman's Day Magazine

Making Wreaths

During my career as a crafter, I've designed and published hundreds of wreaths, but none quite as unusual as the paper cupcake liner wreath I designed for the March 2013 Issue of Woman's Day Magazine.

Last October  I received a call from my good friend and Deputy Editor of Woman's Day magazine, Sara Lyle. She asked that I redesign 2 wreaths for the Woman's Day spring issue that she discovered on the web which were designed by 2 talented bloggers.  Sara also asked that I design a third wreath.

My Assignment: 
1- Design a wreath which is different in style from the 2 they had already chosen.
2- Make it easy to create.
3- Materials should be inexpensive.

After sending 5 sketches to Sara at Woman's Day the editors chose  the easy-to-make paper cupcake liner wreath you see above.

 Here are the quick and easy 'how-to' instructions:
Choose approximately 500 cupcake liners in colors of your choice.

Fold each individual paper liner in half and then into thirds, ruffling the folds.
Use floral greening pins to attach the folded paper liners to the wreath. Pin each close together to create the ruffled appearance covering a 17" Styrofoam wreath.

Happy Crafting

Look for the new March Issue of Woman's Day magazine to see the entire feature and other wreath projects designed by crafters Trenna Travis and James Farmer.  Thank you, Sara Lyle, for another great opportunity to work with you!

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  1. You didn't say either here r in the magazine what size cupcake wrappers to use.