Thursday, March 7, 2013

Replace your Spring Wreath with a unique Basket Idea

Beckon Spring to your doorstep:
Assemble this "Homage-To-Nature Basket'!

 Several years ago, and in celebration of the eagerly awaited spring season, I designed   this bushel basket door project for the Good Housekeeping's Easter feature. I was so excited about creating this design as I had never seen this done before. And, its so simple! It opens up so many possibilites for creating your own natural display.  Add any natural elements you find in the store or in your garden! Plan ahead,... The  basic basket is easy to order online!

Read below to see how you can jump in and make one too. It may look challenging, but the happy surprise is… it's not! Planning a shopping trip to collect the materials will be your only challenge, and that is the fun part.

All photos by Michael Partenio

                 Enter Spring!                 

Materials Needed:
-    (1) 15" wide 'big squat round bottom basket' from Crate & Basket:
        Phone: 1-800 223 7823 
-      (1) Bag of Green Moss (Spanish moss)
-      Small 6” Birds Nest
-      Faux Eggs
-      Small Bird
-      Pussy Willow Branches

-       Glue gun

5 Easy Steps:
1- So you can hang your basket to your front door, use your glue gun to attach a wire to the top of the    back side of the basket.
2- To create your diorama, glue layers of moss starting in the bottom of basket, filling the basket from front to back.  Build moss up slightly higher on left-hand side. 
3- Glue bird’s nest to moss on left-hand side and on top of the moss (see picture below).  Hint:  Cut a piece of cardboard from any household box and use to help adhere the underside of the bird’s nest to the back of the basket for additional support.
4- Add small branches of pussy-willow along with a small branch you can break off from a tree limb.
5- Attach the bird.

OK, get going! You can do this, and make it your own!  Hang it on the front door, inside the house or even over the fireplace mantle!!

By, the way, the pansies are fresh picked from the garden and will stay fresh for a few days , believe it or not, with a light mist of water daily on the moss!

Lets Celebrate!   Spring is almost here.


  1. Love this project! Happy to be following along now.

  2. I'm so happy I've found you, I'd been looking for new ideas for a spring decoration, & yours has given me food for thought. Maybe I'll tweak it here & there so I don't have any added expense, I'll use what I have from the shed.

  3. LOVE this basket! I have one like it and your ideas are BEAUTIFUL!! Guess I better get BUSY! THANKS Karin <3

  4. So glad i found this idea. So unique. Iam refashion my wreath. Love your refashion wreath DIY idea.