Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Child's Easter Table: Daisy Eggs & Jelly Beans

A Child's Easter Table: 
Daisy Eggs & Jelly Beans  
Crepe Paper + Easter egg + Jelly Beans = A Super Fun Place Setting

Creating Easter craft projects for kids has always been my favorite part
of the holiday. Making a special place at the Easter Table is top on my list
as a must do.  A little extra effort can make your holiday memorable for
everyone, so let's get started creating this fun Easter Place Setting!
Karin Lidbeck
Photo by Michael Partenio
Wait til you see how easy it is to make this Daisy Egg

What You'll Need:
1- Roll of White Crepe Paper (Available At The PartyStore)
2- Double Stick Tape
3- Scissors
4- Pencil
5- One Dyed Egg - Use Eggs Your Kids Dyed!


1. Cut crepe paper to 15" length and fold over to make 3 layers @ 5" wide

2. Using a pencil draw daisy petals across the crepe paper. 
Keep petals 1/4 " from bottom edge.

3.  Cut out our daisy pattern.

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4. Dye one hard boiled egg yellow for each egg daisy.

5. Wrap double sided tape around the middle of the egg.

Starting along the top edge of the double sided tape, wrap the crepe paper 
around the egg while adhering to the tape as you circle egg.

Pull out petals and then push the egg into a 3" painted pot, or a 
plain terracotta pot filled with Jelly Beans.

Place potted Daisy Egg onto each plate!


  1. Those are adorable and your tutorial makes them look easy enough for anyone to want to try to recreate them. Thank you!