Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bittersweet is Abundant in November

Driving along the road yesterday, the trees finally bare, I noticed the bittersweet stands out more than ever covering fences, telephone poles, bushes and trees. It reminded me of the story I produced last Nov for this years 2011 Oct BH&G table top decorating feature. Yes, we work a full year in advance. Eric liskey of BH&G called me to produce ideas for decorating with Bittersweet in the fall. I produced dozens of sketches of ideas and we narrowed it down to these. I searched for the perfect location and props to create the finished  ideas, and then worked with Micahel Partenio to photograph the projects.

This was a really fun design project with an emphasis was on easy, but, Warning, Bittersweet is messy but its beauty makes the clean up worth it
The pumpkins, while I used white,  could be orange , green and even the fake ones work.  ( hint one of these is fake two are not, can you tell???) Its easy to wrap the pumpkins with the bittersweet vine. Use U pins (from floral or craft store to hold them in place.

The glass balls from the craft or home decor store are easily filled with a few bittersweet berries. A glass marker is perfect for  writing a guests name to create a place card.

The runner is made from napkins. The color was so perfect for a runner I had to use them, and why not!!! Just lay the napkins down so the seams overlap. ( you can see its barely noticeable in the big close up of tablescape).

Photography by Michael Partenio, Designs and styling by Karin Lidbeck

Look for the full story in the Oct 2011 Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. Perfect way to start in my book - LOVE the orange!!

  2. I recently moved to a new area and I saw it Bittersweet "dripping" from the trees last fall. Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to get some later this fall and have fun with some tablescaping!

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  4. Not sure if they got permission, or if you care. I found your image on Pinterest and it took me to Midwest Living's website. They had no photo source. I tracked you down through Apartment Therapy. Here is the link to Midwest Living's article with your image and no photo attribution: