Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Welcoming Fall Door

Now that everyone is settling back inside, gearing up for the colder months ahead. The entrance to your home should be more inviting than ever.  These two projects I created for Good Housekeeping magazine

While I usually prefer Natural leaves,  you can get great deals on fall silk garlands now. Double up store bought garlands of silk leaves so you have a thicker than usual border around the door.  I added small branches of the real leaves pushed into the garland to bring it life.  Place a grouping of pumpkins and large gourds on the stoop. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Not as Hard as it looks" Nut Wreath"
For something a bit more intimate, perhaps just a wreath. I have tons of acorns that fall from the Oak trees on my property, I love to gather them like shells on the beach, but then what??

I came up with this wreath for a Good Housekeeping article a few years back. It takes a lot of glue gun action to cover a grapevine wreath  but the end result is very pretty,  I added some seasonal nuts too, and silk leaves I borrowed from a garland.

Photos by Tria Giovan  Project copyrights by Karin Lidbeck

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