Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Lingers- Styling a Home in the Berkshires or Better Homes and Gardens

As Fall lingers there is still a lot of beautiful foliage to admire

It does not take a lot to bring inside, small tokens of Autumn to enhance your home.  What I love about this kind of decorating is , for the most part, its just out there, in your yard or garden, along the roadside, in the woods, and,.....few things in life are free,  but nature is!                                         ( photos by Michael Partenio)

BH&G gave me that opportunity to style this beautiful home in the Berkshires designed by Architect Hope Dana of Platt Dana architects in NYC. A ranch renovation that dramatically changed the home by the generous addition of natural wood paneling.

The project was set for a fall issue, so I needed to enhance the room with fall touches and fall color.   I brought in new pillows, the orange leather poof and walked around the property to find the crab apples, berries and branches for the finishing touches. We set the table with the card games they enjoy and chose the perfect fall  beverage, apple cider.

With Photographer Michael Partenio, we recreated the perfect fall weekend with this family for our shoot. Before the shoot we discussed a typical weekend in Oct with the family to find out how they spend time together.  They love to play games by the fire, make candied apples, and family dinners on Sunday is a favorite meal.  A creamy apple butternut soup, with lots of cheese and bread on the side was the winner!

 Finding all the prefect ingredients and props for styling the table was a labor of love for me.
 I used a basket weave hurricane for the vase putting a glass inside to hold the water.

Michael did a fantastic job shooting the homeowner in the newly renovated porch.

The contrast of black used through with the light wood tones is a real winner!


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  1. The wood was expertly done in these shots. Fantastic color and accents.