Friday, April 13, 2012

Create Style - Make a paper vase!

One of my favorite DIY projects was designing this paper vase made with a medium weight textured watercolor paper .

It has a wonderful natural organic quality that looks beautiful with any garden flowers. The paper vase slide over any household glass that holds the water

Use a stiff medium weight water color paper ( 140 lb) that has texture and will stand up well. The paper vase will last for years and years.

Copyright  2011 Karin Lidbeck

Gather materials, paper, scissors, craft knife and pencil ruler ribbon.

To trace an arch at the bottom, use a dinner plate and outine1/4 of the circle. Measure up and across from that line 10" to get outer circumference.

Fold paper accodian style with 16 creases and cut wedges along the top. then use craft knife to cut slits between folds as shown. slits are wide enough to pull ribbon thru.

Cut slits between the folds as shown using a craft knife. Slits should be wide enough to pull ribbon thru.

Glue the back edge closed and slide ribbon thru.

There you have it! Your own paper vase!

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