Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home Decor- The Art of Change

Home Style: The Art of Change

The art of change in your home should be a common event. Change keeps you from being bored with your surroundings. It can be subtle or bold,  and that’s what a stylist does.

We change things and freshen them up bringing a new perspective and a fresh eye.

For the photo shoot, this truly beautiful kitchen required small but important changes like: recreating the displays on the open shelves with various shapes to create  composition. Using light colors and sparkling glass to add zing! A large dramatic display of lilacs in an aqua vase. romanced the shot.  I think large bouquets of lilacs belong in the kitchen where you spend so much of your time.  The little bunch of clematis created a sweet balance  and the careful addition of yellow lemons created a small sweet still life.

Styled for Better Homes and Gardens magazine
Photo by John Besler


  1. Great kitchen and fabulous tips darling! What a great way to wake up on a sunny spring day.

  2. Hello! Do you happen to remember the name of the green wall color? I adore this kitchen color, and have been searching for a match to paint my kitchen.