Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Decorating Your Mantel - Magazine Stylist Hints

What to do with your mantel?

Mantels are not unlike bookshelves. Both are favorite areas of mine in styling shots for magazines. 

The mantel offers a place in our homes to display favorite possessions. With a minimal amount of effort,  you too can add your own eclectic style. 

The mantel is a place to show off a bit of your personality. A centerpiece of your living room if you will. 

Featured in a past Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I demonstrate different design ideas to use when arranging your mantel in that issue.

Here are some hints for you.

The idea of using your mantel as a bookshelf is a favorite styling technique of mine. 

Stack books like building blocks while adding artful objects that you love.


Choose an accent color from your room, and go from there, choosing objects in that color family to create a vignette. 

This design is asymmetrical. Remember to create balance in weight and balance when styling your mantel.

Adding a vase with flowers on my mantel adds a different dimension and depth. One thing I like to do especially during the spring and summer. 

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