Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make this: Dishtowel vase! Country Gardens Magazine

Hurray! Lillies of the Valley are blooming!  Gather a bunch to style this fun display. Its fragrance can’t be missed. 


You can make this charming  flower sack  that I created for Better Homes and Gardens Country Gardens magazine !

Grab a pretty dishtowel, a zip lock bag, clothesline, and clothespins to hang bundles of fragrant white Lillie's in your window. The dishtowel bag is lined with a zip lock bags that holds the water to keep the flowers fresh and alive.

Designed by Karin Lidbeck Brent, Photo by Jim Westphalen

To make the bag:

Use a small sandwich size zip lock bag.  Open dishtowel on table vertically in front of you. Fold in half.  Lay the zip lock bag on top of the dishtowel matching the bottom edges.  Cut the dishtowel 1/8 inch longer all around the bag. Use pinking sheers to cut edges.

Place the opened zip lock bag inside the cut dishtowel; Use a stapler to staple the dishtowel and the bag together.  Place  staples down the outside edges catching the bag inside the dishtowel. 

With bag open, staple across the front top edge and back top edge of bag and dishtowel together

Hang clothesline across your window. Use 1 clothes pin on each corner to hang bag from small clothesline.
Use a small spouted container like a measuring cup to add water to bag, fill just quarter to half of bag.
Add flowers.

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