Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pink Design Accents Turns a Neutral Room to WOW

Styling a room for a photo shoot is a lot like spring cleaning.    Take it all out for a good cleaning, and then, look with a fresh eye. Your instincts will direct you to do something different. Add a zing of color, freshen with new pillows,  rearrange your displays, add new exciting accessories, even rearrange the art.
Country Living magazine
Styled by Karin Lidbeck Brent

In this room for Country Living magazine,  I brought in this colorful contrasting rug with pink flowers to ramp up the excitement for the neutral  palette. The rug replaced a tan sisel rug.  Drawing from the colors of the rug, it was fun to echo the pinks and red with accessories.

Adding floral arrangements always adds a statement to a room.  If you are not using the room to entertain, oversize bouquets will dramatize a room. When using the sitting area move it to a side table.


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