Friday, June 29, 2012

Make this: Fourth of July Watermelon Boat

This was a styling project idea that I came up with on a shoot down in Beaufort, North Carolina for Better Homes and Gardens. We were producing the Nautical themed Fourth of July story that is featured in the current BH&G July issue.  We needed a fun, easy to create food idea for our party scene

Fruit, food and fun; three necessities during any warm, summer holiday. The materials were all in front of me, the fruit, the ticking fabric and adhesive numbers: and with a quick brainstorm session, the light bulb popped on and the idea was evident.

The Watermelon Boat!
It's easy to make:

Cut a sail from blue or red ticking fabric (fabric store).  Use double sided tape or a glue gun to attach the sail to the dowel on the back side of sail. Make sure to leave 12” length of dowel under the sail to push into the fruit and watermelon. Add an adhesive number to the sail  (dowel and numbers both available from a hardware store). Cut and scoop out your watermelon and fill with fruit (cut it so it will sit flat and not tip). Push the end of the dowel into fruit to hold.

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