Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outdoor Entertaining! Setting the Table - The Hosta (Part 2!)

Another fabulous outdoor table setting inspiration! Bet you have never used this common plant from your garden, have you?
This nature inspired table setting allows you and your dinner guests to fully embrace the outdoors.

Frog centerpiece  

 I love using hostas from the garden to create a simple yet enchanting foliage centerpiece.

Centerpiece, hosta

To create this centerpiece, you will first need a simple frog in a small bowl. The frog allows you to add in the hosta stems with ease. Begin by placing the leaves towards the outside of the frog and work inward towards the center. A flat, broken piece of soft slate makes for the perfect layer underneath the hostas. Next, look around your garden landscape for small, smooth stones to surround the centerpiece. The stones also look pretty tossed here and there upon the table and add interest to the table setting.

Fork, spoon, rocktable setting

The stones can also be utilized as charming name tags. Set upon a luminous green leaf allows for a beautiful contrast which will have your dinner guests nothing but delighted by this most unusual, unique table centerpiece! 

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