Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 day Countdown - Making A Paper Bird-Ornament

Let's Create This White-Christmas-Bird-Ornament!

Using paper is a fast and to easy way to make Christmas ornaments when you want to add a personal  touch to your Holidays. Today, I want to show you how to create this simple White-Christmas-Bird-Ornament.

Once you have selected the paper, all you will need further is a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  Oh, and you will have to turn on your printer!

The focus for this December's Good Housekeeping Magazine Christmas Feature is this all-white tree with its hand-made birds perched on branches. You can create as few or as many as you like to decorate your tree.

I've included 6-Easy-Steps including the how-to pictures below to help guide you through the process. Putting together the cut paper pieces is easy.

1- Go to  the Good Housekeeping Magazine link below to retrieve the the pattern:

2- You will need to print out the above pattern on a sheet of 8" X 11" paper. 

3- Tape your pattern to light-weight card stock or 100 lb watercolor paper and then cut out the pieces to create your Christmas Bird.  You will have four pieces that look like these. Before assembling cut the tail and wing feathers.

4- With the body and wings folded as shown together, lay the wings over the body and glue them together with the glue stick

5- Glue the inside edges of the head to the body.

6- Insert the tail into on the fold at the back of the body. Angle tail and glue.

You now have a White-Christmas-Bird-Ornament!

 Good Housekeeping Photography By Michael Partenio


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