Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 day Countdown: Painted Holiday Carnations

Peppermint Holiday Carnations You Can Make Yourself 

One of my favorite holiday flowers are peppermint carnations, the pretty white carnation with a red fringe.  A few years ago while styling a photo shoot, discovered that these beautiful holiday flowers were difficult to find.

The situation forced me to be creative, and I simply made them myself!

Here's how you can make them too:

1- Purchase a bouquet of white carnations, a 1" flat tipped brush and some red acrylic paint.

2- Dip your brush in a bowl of red acrylic craft paint; remove excess paint.

3- Hold flower stem over the kitchen sink and lightly brush the tops edges only to create the effect.  Place the flower down for 5 minutes to dry.

4- Cut bottom tip of stem to refresh and place in water. Make your arrangement as usual!

In the 4 easy steps above, you will recreate beautiful Peppermint Carnations which will last for weeks.

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