Monday, December 10, 2012

15 Day Countdown - Make a Wreath Sampler

You Too Can Make A Christmas Wreath Sampler!
Each and every year I challenge myself to come with a Christmas Wreath that is different than the prior year.  Having used almost every material imaginable in prior years, I decided to create a wreath using the many botanical riches found on the property surrounding my home.

Pictured below are cuttings from all the coniferous trees and shrubs 
I discovered scavenging for pine-cones, moss and lichen covered branches.


One 18" styrofoam wreath and a bag of 100 greening pins from your craft 
or floral supply store, and your off and running.  The best part is how easily 
and quickly you can put it all together using a white styrofoam wreath as 
opposed to the traditional wire wreath.

The key to using a white styrofoam wreath is to completely cover the base with 
thick amounts of greenery.  Use greening pins to effortlessly attach the 
greenery and branches.

Working right to left, add bands of plant material one variety at a time. 
My wreath includes, rhododendron, yew, holly, hemlock, moss, lichen 
covered branches, blue spruce, juniper and boxwood.

Now make YOUR Christmas Wreath.
It's fast and easy!

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  1. I have never thought to put a wreath together with pins!! This is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!