Tuesday, December 4, 2012

21 day countdown- Make a Christmas card vase

If you have saved some favorite cards from years past, purchased or received cards this season that deserve some extra attention, here is an fun way to turn them into an attention grabbing project.

Created by Karin Lidbeck Brent for Christmas Ideas Magazine 2011.  Photo by Michael Partenio

How to make this:


Four Christmas Cards ( approx 5” x 7”) or cut to same size
 2 yds Red ribbon cording or 1/8 "ribbon 
Can or glass for Flowers (sits inside to hold flowers)
Hole Punch
Double sided tape
Regular scotch tape
3 amaryllis stems , red berry branches . holly

You will want to make sure that the four Christmas cards you choose are all approximately the same size and are all vertical.  Cut to same size if necessary. Place long pieces of double sided tape on the inside of card to keep the card closed.  Punch holes along the sides of the cards so  the holes are staggered. To do this:
On two of the cards (which will stand opposite of each other), starting ¼” from top, hole punch holes down the side l” apart from each other.  On the other two cards (which will also stand opposite from each other), start  l” from top with hole punch and continue punching holes l” apart from each other. 

Cut four  16” lengths of  ribbon cording,  (or each  approx.
double  the length of card you are using)  Tape the end of roping to inside of card near the top hole bringing roping from the inside to outside and begin weaving the seam.  Finish at the bottom by taping the end of roping to the inside of card.  Continue with all sides of cards. Find a container that will fit inside the square of the cards, fill with water and place arrangement in the container.

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